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People no longer have the time waiting for ages for a page to load. Add to this the fact that 75% of individuals depend on their net enabled smartphone to browse the net and purchase their requirements while on the move. You need to hire the services of a professional web design birmingham agency, and seek the help of their experts to alter your website's design so that it loads quickly. You also need to convert the normal coding of your website to a responsive one to ensure that it displays properly on all types of devices, irrespective of the size of their display unit.

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Are you worried about the lack of retention of customers to your website? The data on your server shows that many people are visiting your Birmingham online store, but none of them is waiting long enough for your page to load onto their browser completely so that they can see the unique products and services you are offering and purchase them. That is the root of the problem. You have included so many heavy graphics on your index page that it takes ages to load, even on a high speed broadband connection. Can you imagine how much time it will take that page to load on a 4G mobile network?

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Have you ever been worried about the excellent quality of the pamphlets of your competitors that they distribute during exhibitions and trade shows? No doubt, visitors to your stall will also collect your pamphlet along with that offered by your competitors. However, once they sit down to browse through the bundle of literature collected from the event, they will settle for a couple of them: the ones that catch their eye because of their aesthetic design. You can be sure that they will neglect your offerings if its design and print quality is poor. Your best option is to hire the services of a professional design studio and seek their help to take photographs of your products, arrange them neatly so that they look appealing, and print them on the latest digital printer on quality art paper to ensure that the images come to life.

No doubt, you can depend separately on an artist, a printer, and a design agency. However, you will find it tough to co-ordinate with all of them. It is a far better option to hand over the task to a professional and Birmingham based design studio.